Hi all,

I am writing this mail to ask Chapter folks / Wikimedians experienced in
Global Fundraising as to get some information on our preparedness to support
INR currency in the Global Fundraising initiative which would be up later
this year. I am under impression, Chapter is one of the pre-requisite. Now
that we have a Chapter and that it has a bank account, I would like to know
what else would it take to support INR this year. I would appreciate if
Chapter takes this up as a key project(I dont see this listed currently) and
helps in this since it is largely in legal / administration thing. I hope
the community would always do its part, be it translating the banners,
things which can be done by individual contributors.

* Providing support to donations in INR is 1st priority
* Optionally providing tax rebate under donations, would attract more

Srikanth.L <http://srik.me>
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