Iv had some fundraising experience with charities - both in India and the UK. 
The simplest method of accepting payment is tying up with an external party 
such as http://www.justgiving.com/ (from experience - this is one of many that 
specialise in online fundraising for charities in the UK). If the amount is 
relatively small this makes sense, however for higher amounts we may as well 
sign up with a merchant as that would be cheaper if we have volume. Rather than 
requesting funds through NEFT (which is a better mode for payments such as 
membership fee etc), for this you could opt for Net Banking or even cheques by 

As for 80G, the more you run after it the more the babu will want from you. If 
you put a bundle on the table, the certificate will be in your hand in days. 
However, from experience I can tell you, if you dont bother about it - just 
complete official formalities, the form will come by post to your office in due 

Kind Regards,

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Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Global Fund raising Support to Indian   Currency

I think 80G is nice to have, but shouldnt stop us. Also we are not probably 
looking at large scale(We would love if they come), but typically my 
equivalents to 5 10 20 dollors would 250 500 1000 INR for which most would not 
take trouble of getting receipts and eventually getting the benefit(Atleast the 
folks who do online donations) since the tax benefit would be negligible.


So my next question is without which are we eligible to collect donations 
online, would just like to know the bureaucracy around it? I now know the 
chapter can receive donations through NEFT[1].If we are good to go then the 
next thing to work out would be a payment gateway / payments partner helping us 
in giving options to various bank netbanking / credit/debit cards, ofcourse a 
decent API. The more the merrier. Also if we could get some sponsorship/deal 
from them in terms of the cut they take for transaction cost. People who have 
experience with online payment solutions can add their inputs.

http://www.ccavenue.com/ works best for accepting payments online from various 
netbanking accounts in India. 

Thanks for the timely reminder and initiative on this, Srikanth.


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