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On 14 June 2011 13:26, Subhashish Panigrahi <> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> This is again a good news to inform you that 34th Bangalore Wiki Meetup is
> just over!
> Bangalore Wiki Community's 34th Meetup was attended by 16 enthusiast
> attendees.
> The meetup went through 2 talks by Tory Read and Achal Prabhala and post
> talk discussions and networking.
> Tory Read’s Talk:
> [ Tory, being a photographer, artist and journalist in profession works
> basically in arts, humanity, behavioral approach of humans  to a new
> technology and strategic thinking. ]
> In her visit to India she has been visiting places, meeting people who are
> taking part in the WMF initiatives and documenting them in the form of
> Images/Audio/Video files. For her, photography is a tool to understand how
> organizations like Wikimedia work. She explained the focus of her ongoing
> project which is based on making Wikipedia more supportive, how well they
> could help people, the good and bad points in its organization system,
> strategic thinking of Wikipedia in India, both in English and regional
> languages. She has interviewed people of varied personal and professional
> backgrounds and recorded almost 25 videos which she’d be uploading to
> commons. She has met Bishakha Datta in Mumbai, visited Pune Pilot Program
> campus, taken part in interacting with 22 campus ambassadors, attended
> Kannur Malayalam Wiki Meetup along with Bishakha and Hisham, trvelled
> Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and interviewed several Malayalam Wikipedians,
> from a very-young-Wikipedian to a Heart-Stroke-Patient-Wikipedian. Tory
> would be documenting the history of Wikipedia along with the work pattern,
> strategic plans, cons and pros of new initiatives based on the behavioral
> function.
> Achal Prabhala’s talk:
> [Achal is an Indian researcher, activist and writer based in Bangalore,
> Karnataka. He works on intellectual property rights in relation to medicine
> and knowledge. He also serves on the board of the Centre for Internet and
> Society and on the Advisory board of the Wikimedia Foundation.]
> Achal, being a part of a long term project on Oral citation has interviewed
> many people in India (mostly in Kerala and Maharashtra), attended public
> gathering, folk dances, observed process of traditional liquor skills of
> local folks in South Africa, interviewed them and recorded their words and
> action. His work also pervaded to understand how newspapers in a long span
> of their lives never worked as authentic source of information, media,
> entertainment industry has popularized languages like Hindi, but the same
> language has still not reached more scholarly published articles. During a
> long presentation Achal showed the extensive approach and need of Oral
> citation in documenting the history of mankind in a more generic way.
> Post talks there was few discussions. Arjuna Rao Chavala explained the
> Bangalore Community Engagement with Wikimedia Chapter and its role as an
> independent body. The main topics discussed are:
> Membership (Membership needs, benefits, role as a Chapter member)
> Projects 2011-2012
> Representation of Bangalore in the city SIG
> Post discussion Membership forms were distributed. The forms are also
> avaibale online at
> Wikipedians also discussed about taking initiatives to start on campus Wiki
> Workshops in Engineering and Communication/Media Studies Institutes which
> will bring out students for taking part in Wikimedia initiatives.
> Post discussion Wikipedians socialized and had photoshoots. Photos and
> videos can be found at
> Thanks
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