I was wondering is anyone here could offer some help to the Chapter to
set up a system to process membership forms etc.

Essentially, what we need is:

1. A front end for the applicant enter form details.
2. A way to update these details with payment information, etc. as and
when received.
2. A database to store that.
3. A way to generate a:
3.1 Receipt
3.2 Membership Number
3.3 Membership Card
3.4 Send an email when it is posted
3.5 A PDF of the form so entered for the applicant to sign and send.
4. Add the member to a mailing list
5. Send reminder email as and when necessary
6. It would be nice to have:
6.1 A way for members to update and edit their details as and when it changes
7. Open source software will be preferred.

Thank you.



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