*Minutes of the Planning Meet which took place on 18-6-2011 (Saturday) in 
**Cross posted on India/Mumbai/Pune lists - please forward to other City or 
Language lists that you may be a part of**
1. Name of conference - there were 3 suggestions. There was an idea that these 
could be put up for a week on Meta - asking people to vote for their choice (or 
make other suggestions):

a. '''Wikimela'''
Advantage: English/Hindi Fusion
Possible issue: Mela has different meanings (could be miscontrued for a 

b. '''Wiki Conference India'''
Advantage: Simplicity
Possible Issue: A bit to generic.

c. '''WikiMania India'''
Advantage: Global image of the name

Possible Issue: Could be confused with the global meet

2. All Documents to be posted on meta where a dedicated page will be made on 

3. Coordination among OC - Mail, Sabse bolo (Telepone) - minutes to be taken 
and calls to be moderated to ensure everyone has their say.

4. Master list - cross postings! A seperate mailing list to be made for the OC

5. Logo for the event - request for design to be posted on India list.

6. 3 office bearers. Chairperson/President of the event from Mumbai , Secretary 
in Pune and Tresurer from Mumbai. These 3 will be on the ground and will have 
visiting cards and letterheads made specifically for this event only.
7. Advisory committee - Hisham, Bishaka, Arjun, Achal 

8. Working groups and functional team: Everyone to choose sub-committees they 
want to be part of - Based on functionality. The OC as it stands at the moment 
will be redone - everyone part of sub-committees except office bearers and 
advisors who will be part of everything/advise everyone.

9. Venue - University of Mumbai (South Campus) was the unanimous choice. Again, 
will be put up on the India list - with a 72 hour deadline for people to 
respond (Similarly all other major decisions to be put on mailing list before 
10. Accommodation: 4 on the table thus far. YWCA, Astoria, Chateau Windsor and 
Sea Green - all within 5-15 minutes walking of the venue, Ensuite, 
Airconditioned rooms. YWCA, Chateau Windor, Sea Green all on par so can be 
offered to people with 100% scholarships. Astoria is equivalent to a 3 star so 
can be offered to those with 75% or 90% scholarship. Another few hotels are due 
to be checked out this week.

11. Teams:
Finance / Audit
Media and pr
Speaker management
Community communication
IT team
Conference planning
Party plans

12. Finance: Joint accounts to be created 4 signatories (2 from Mumbai, 2 from 
Chapter). New A/c will be in Chapter name and will be for Conference purpose. 
At the end of the year Mumbai reps will be replaced with reps from next host 
and money rolled over for next conference (any overflow). Everyone to pitch in 
with Sponsors. Sponsors could be in cash or kind. Eg. Looking for airline 
sponsor to get people to Mumbai or just cash which can be used for the 
13. Party: Royal Bombay Yatch Club to be asked for a quote as well as Bombay 
Presidency Radio Club
14. Decisions to be made on Consensus or by Simple Majority if consensus not 
15. Time limits: Time limits to be set for everything so that everything goes 
on time.
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