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The 1st Odia Wikipedia Workshop has been organized on 26th of June 2011 at
Orissa Academy of Social science & Integrated Studies(OASIS). This was
started when I was looking for few wikipedians who can contribute to Odia
wikipedia. This was for Odia Wikipedia to bring awareness and motivate
common mass from different educational and social background. Odia Wikipedia
was started way back in 2002, but because of the lack of proper awareness
and activism there was a slight movement for almost 8 years. Odia Wikipedia
is an online encyclopedia in Odia language to make knowledge available
freely for masses.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Laxmikanta Tripathy, Artist Kesu Das and
me with the help of wikipedian Subhashish Panigrahi. Dr. Laxmikanta Tripathy
who is Organizing Secretary of Odia Bhasa Bikash Aandolon(OBBA) invited many
members of Odia Bhasa Bikash Aandolon. Some of them are Dr. Bhagavat Prasad
Das, Secretary of OBBA Pt. Surendra Nath Kara and President of OBBA Dr.
Ramakanta Behera. Several participants from the nearby management colleges,
engineering students have also participated. We also got the support of Mr.
Sanjay Sahu the Director of OASIS.

Dr. Laxmikanta Tripathy addressed the participants and introduced Poet
Brajanth Ratha and Others. Brajanath Ratha the poet has officially
inaugurated this event enlightening about Odia language and his catching on
Odia wikipedia.  A FAQ Booket version 1.1 was released by and distributed
among them. I demonstrated the basics of Wikipedia, Current status, Sign up
process, How to Edit Odia Wikipedia, Searching Existing Articles, Creating
new articles, How to Upload picture and adding that to article and their
alignment along with basic introduction of syntax for the new users. This
was an interactive session where the participants interacted with each other
and several discussions went on about Odia wikipedia. They came up with
several suggestions such as :

   - To add Purnachandra Bhasakosa (Odia Lexicon) link on Odia wikipedia
   article pages.
   - The Pages should be protected so only the authorized person can edit to
   avoid vandalism.
   - To build a Community Center where members can work on various
   fields/Categories to improve Odia wikipedia.
   - They use to Windows XP and not ready to the other availability of
   Operating System. Issues on XP for Odia Language.

More and more such activism are expected in the coming future with the
involvement of people who are eager for the development of Odia language on
web. Odia Wikipedia can be accessed at
*or.wikipedia.org*<http://or.wikipedia.org>and the Facebook page for
Odia Wikipedia is
*http://facebook.com/OdiaWiki <http://facebook.com/odiawiki> .*

To read this 
* on Wikipedia Click Here <http://or.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:MBLS1>.

Ansuman Giri
ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆ
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