Hi all,

I am very glad to inform you that the first ever wiki marathon of telugu
wikipedia took place in Hyderabad this Sunday.
This was intended to encourage more people to join the community.
Also, very soon Te-wiki would reach the 50k article mark and this event has
boosted us to work more nearer to reaching it.
About a 50 new articles were created in the stipulated time and many
existing articles were improved.
Telugu wikipedia has been notorious for having mostly 2 lined articles.
Now we are trying to expand the existing ones with references taken from
local newspapers and citations from books.
Also, we at tewiki team are trying to bring out a printed book carrying
selected articles from tewiki for the benefit of people out of reach of

I thanks Arjuna Rao, Veeven, Kasyap, C.B.Rao, Chakravarthy and all others
for participating and making this first wiki marathon fruitful.
We are planning to organise one such marathon every month to encourage more
people to join wikipedia.

With thanks and Regards
Rahimanuddin Shaik
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