Hi Suyog,
             Appreciate the great work on creating the article.
It was also good to bring in attention of all on the discussion on the
change of article.

But per Wikipedia guidelines, it is highly inappropriate to canvass for
support in a non-neutral manner.

Wikipedia is a global collaborative project and nobody owns the articles..
There is neither insiders nor foreigners.

Personally i am of the view of having the article as "2011 Mumbai bombings".
There was an article created by Moksh Juneja at the same time by that name.
This article was redirected to 13 July article since the later was more
worked on.

God forbid, Let us hope that there will be no more blasts in Mumbai this
year ( or ever ) !

Tinu Cherian

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 7:46 AM, suyog vyawahare <suyogaerosp...@yahoo.co.in
> wrote:

> Hello
> I have created an article on yesterdays bombings. Now few foreigners are
> proposing to rename this article to Mumbai 2011 bombings. Please oppose this
> on talk page. Please support me.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:13_July_2011_Mumbai_bombings
> I am opposing it for following reasons
> 1) Year 2011 has not yet ended so how can it be labeled as 2011 mumbai
> bombings?
> 2) What if there are more bombings in this year? Editors are saying that if
> new bombing happens then we will rename it to 13 july Mumbai bombings! Why
> to go to double work?
> 3) All outsiders are supporting no Indian comments on it!! Please Vote on
> it
> Suyog Vyawahare
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