Sarvavijnanakosam is NOT a new project. Sarvavijnanakosam
<>is the encyclopedia project
of *Kerala State Institute of Institute of Encyclopaedic
Publications*<>and it is published from late
1970's. The license of this encyclopedia is
changed to a free license in 2008 and Malayalam Wikipedia reuses content
from this expert written encyclopedia.

Kerala Vijanakosam is a new project of *Kerala State Institute of Institute
of Encyclopaedic Publications* <> and its aim is to
provide encyopedic information about all the topics related to Kerala. We
can term it as a sub set of Sarvavijanakosam. It is good to have such
projects since at a later stage when the license is made free we can reuse
the content.:) The web edition of this project is not in wiki format. We are
yet to see how content evolves for this new project.

Any way it is nice to have such projects from various organizations, since
all of them will finally get integrated to malayalam Wiki projects :)

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 4:24 PM, CherianTinu Abraham

> After Kanaja from Karnataka , Here comes the new
> Kerala Government attempting to make its own online encyclopedia.
> I heard that this project is budgeted for 1 crore Indian Rupees.
> Wonder if these project people know about Malayalam Wikipedia and it is
> also powered by Unicode.
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
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