As members on this list are likely aware, a very limited set of
travel/boarding scholarships are available for the WikiConference in Mumbai

We have created a form in Googledocs. It is right now in English only, but
we have already asked for help in making it available in other languages,
and hopefully this will happen soon.

However, my problem is slightly different. The form leads back to a Google
spreadsheet, so that applicants responses on the form can be collated in one
place. I need to make the form accessible publicly, but obviously, not the
spreadsheet. How does one do this? The form to be publicly
displayed itself does not have a 'Share' button, although the
spreadsheet does. So
does the editable form, but equally obviously, we cannot make the editable
form public either.

Can anyone who is familiar with the usage of forms on Googledocs please mail
me privately with the process to make the form publicly accessible?

Once that is done, I will share the link here on the list. At this stage,
members may please forward this to indic lists on which they participate, in
order to encourage people who would like to be present for the Conference,
but are unable to consider it for financial reasons. Separately, the link
will be published on Wikipedia to be visible to users from India.

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