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I wanted to share an update on the Wikipedia India Education Program.  As of 
today, we have 15 teachers from 4 colleges participating.  The most exciting 
part is that we have nearly 800 students (and counting) who are going to work 
on about 1200 articles in this semester.   (Do note these numbers may fluctuate 
as the actual editing in classrooms starts - which is only to be expected.)

Please see the project page at 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:India_Education_Program - and do go 
through the sub-tabs for Ambassadors and courses.)

I think it will be a great idea if the Campus Ambassadors had a chance to 
introduce themselves to you and you had a chance to interact with them.  Can we 
do it on the India Programs Monthly IRC  this Thursday (July 28th) at 9pm IST 
on #wikimedia-office.  (I apologise that we are late on this month's IRC.)

You can also hear from them about their experiences.  They've having 1-on-1 
discussions with faculty members to identify potential articles to work on and 
conducting editing workshops for students in classrooms.

I look forward to as many of you attending as possible - and for a wonderful 
interaction with the Campus Ambassadors.  They are great guys and have done 
amazing stuff so far.  They're going to need your help and encouragement.  Drop 
in and say hello, and a little more!

Warmest Regards,

Hisham Mundol

Wikimedia India Programs
skype   : hisham.wikimedia
gtalk           : hmun...@wikimedia.org
twitter : @mundol

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