We had the 12th Wikipedia meetup in Mumbai at Lower Parel. The minutes of
the meeting are as below:

1. The meeting was held in the offices graciously provided by new community
member Sahil and a member in the WikiConference teams.
2. The meeting began at 4:30 pm.
3. Eleven (11) people attended the meetup.
4. We had a round of introductions of the eleven people.
5. After the round of introductions, Hisham Mundol from the
Wikimedia Foundation India office provided an update.
5. a. He said that two members were added to office staff - Nitika Tandon
and Shiju Alex. Nitika would be working with the Pune Education Program.
Shiju will join them in the end of October.
5. b. He said that the Educations Program was successful. They expected 250
students but have now got about 1000 students. They are working on how to
manage this larger than expected outcome. One of the things they are
considering is having more Campus Ambassadors in Pune.
5. c. The office is also (hopefully) to be registered as a public trust
soon.Various options were considered before they reached this decision. They
are also looking for premises in the National Capital Region.
5. d.  Hisham introduced Nitika Tandon to the members present.
6. Nitika provided an update on the India Education Programme.
6. a. She said that she had recently taken up her work at posting in Pune.
6. b. She has also been talking to 2-3 colleges in Pune but they have been
taking it slow since they have to manage the current student count.
7. Hisham suggested that one of the star students is user:basic.atari (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Basic.atari) who has been great and
requested Mumbai community members to send him some wikilove. (How? - Once
you log in, click on the heart in the top right of the user page to whom you
want to send wikilove and be led through some steps to send people wikilove)
8. Achal gave a small talk on Oral Citations project. We were (Again) not
able to show the video.
8. a. Achal said that the Wikipedia before ~2004 did not have citations and
they grew as the Wikipedia project grew over the years.
8. b. He said citations currently was currently done from the publications
industry which has stronger and wider presence in European and North
American countries.
8. c. This combined with the limitations on what are rules on what could get
cited, could be one of the reasons for decrease in the growth of new editors
on Wikipedia.
8. d. The limitation on citation and deletion of articles without good
citations turned off new Wikipedia users and also took away some of the
revolutionary ideas around which Wikipedia was born. Other form of citations
were thus to be considered.
8. e. Wikipedians in India and South Africa worked on the Oral Citations
project - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Oral_Citations
9. The meeting was concluded at 6 pm.

Pradeep Mohandas
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