There are many star students and star teachers from India Education
Just loves how the program is turning out.

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>> 5. After the round of introductions, Hisham Mundol from the
>> Wikimedia Foundation India office provided an update.
>> 5. a. He said that two members were added to office staff - Nitika Tandon
>> and Shiju Alex. Nitika would be working with the Pune Education Program.
>> Shiju will join them in the end of October.
>> 5. b. He said that the Educations Program was successful. They expected
>> 250 students but have now got about 1000 students. They are working on how
>> to manage this larger than expected outcome. One of the things they are
>> considering is having more Campus Ambassadors in Pune.
> 5. c. *The office is also (hopefully) to be registered as a public trust
>> soon*.Various options were considered before they reached this decision.
>> They are also looking for premises in the National Capital Region.
> (emphasis mine)
> This is big news!
> Thanks for the update, Pradeep.
>> 5. d.  Hisham introduced Nitika Tandon to the members present.
>> 6. Nitika provided an update on the India Education Programme.
>> 6. a. She said that she had recently taken up her work at posting in Pune.
>> 6. b. She has also been talking to 2-3 colleges in Pune but they have been
>> taking it slow since they have to manage the current student count.
>> 7. Hisham suggested that one of the star students is user:basic.atari (
>> who has been great
>> and requested Mumbai community members to send him some wikilove. (How? -
>> Once you log in, click on the heart in the top right of the user page to
>> whom you want to send wikilove and be led through some steps to send people
>> wikilove)
>> 8. Achal gave a small talk on Oral Citations project. We were (Again) not
>> able to show the video.
>> 8. a. Achal said that the Wikipedia before ~2004 did not have citations
>> and they grew as the Wikipedia project grew over the years.
>> 8. b. He said citations currently was currently done from the publications
>> industry which has stronger and wider presence in European and North
>> American countries.
>> 8. c. This combined with the limitations on what are rules on what could
>> get cited, could be one of the reasons for decrease in the growth of new
>> editors on Wikipedia.
>> 8. d. The limitation on citation and deletion of articles without good
>> citations turned off new Wikipedia users and also took away some of the
>> revolutionary ideas around which Wikipedia was born. Other form of citations
>> were thus to be considered.
>> 8. e. Wikipedians in India and South Africa worked on the Oral Citations
>> project -
>> 9. The meeting was concluded at 6 pm.
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