*DNA : Sahitya Parishad to add more Gujarati pages on Wikipedia*


*Gujarati Sahitya Parishad is planning to add more Gujarati pages on
Wikipedia. The 100-year-old institution will also correct facts related to
Gujarati literature on the site. This was discussed at a discussion
organised by the literary institution on the issue of Gujarati language,
Wikipedia and internet on Sunday. Veteran Gujarati littérateurs like Ratilal
Borisagar and Ramalal Soni discussed the authenticity of information posted
on Wikipedia. *
*Secretary of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Rajendra Patel said, “If we want to
pass on a rich legacy of Gujarati language to next generation of Gujaratis,
we must use the technology and medium of expression available. Of course, we
should check the authenticity of the facts and information posted on the
net. Gujarati Parishad is posting Gujarati literature on Wikipedia and as an
institution, we would like to check the information available on the site.”*
*Dhaval Vyas, a UK-based member of Gujarati Wikipedia, who works in a
multinational bank, said, “It is the characteristic of Wikipedia that
anybody can add, edit or remove information. Of course, there will be people
who may distort the content.”*
*He further said, “The issue of authenticity of the content put on Wikipedia
can be taken care of if more and more people start uploading information and
verify the content.”*
*Vyas also argued that while there are millions of pages in English, there
are only 21,000 pages in Gujarati available on Gujarati Wikipedia. He also
talked about Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikitionary and stressed for creating
more information pages on Wiki.*

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