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> > connect with them would be a plus. Let me know if I could be of any help
> > there, I'd be happy to help.
> Hari - that would be very welcome indeed. Both to connect us with
> departments that might be interested and at the events themselves.
> Likewise for people outside of Karnataka too.

I'll be around for the September 12th event at the Dept. of Public
How about a meet-up right after the program to take this further?

> Agreed and thank you. Nope, there aren't any paid staff! We really do
> need to overhaul that landing page and welcome assistance on that too.

Send me the access. I'll see what I can help with. You should try Drupal
with CiviCRM for the website (or mediawiki itself).

> > About the Foundation update,
> I'll leave this to Hisham, Shiju and Nitika.

Shall look forward to response from Hisham. I hope he's spotted this thread!

What is the Chapter's perspective on this though?

The movement wouldn't be where it is without the help of everyone who
> has kept the flame burning all the while. Everyone remains indebted to
> them.

Heartening to hear this. There are a number of Wikipedians from India who've
been working on the projects for years now without aspiring for much other
than seeing their favorite projects grow, and at times putting in more than
just their time for the projects. It would be amazing if some of these long
time Wikipedians would come forward and take part in the establishments that
are building up and engage themselves in conversations with the decision
makers here to get that opportunity.

Hari Prasad Nadig
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