2011/8/28 Gautam John <gau...@prathambooks.org>:
> Hi Yann:
> I was wondering if you could send us some details on what it would
> take to maintain Wikilivres please? Technology and costs.

Wikilivres is currently hosted on a small dedicated server in Montreal, Canada.
It follows the Canadian copyright law, in which a work is in the
public domain 50 years after the author's death.
It costs 74 US$ monthly, or about 3,500 Rs. at the current rate.
Pathoschild has helped me recently for upgrading Mediawiki to new versions.
I am open to proposals regarding a takeover.

A review of the content and a policy about inclusions seem to be
sensible if the legal responsibility is moved on.
Some of the content is under a non commercial license [1]. This could
be moved somewhere else (Wikia?), as it needs not be hosted in a
particular place. There are a few personal essays with a free license,
which would not be accepted on Wikisource, as they were not previously
published (Wikia also?). They are also a few French articles from
Wikipedia [2].

[1] http://www.wikilivres.info/wiki/Category:CC-BY-NC
[2] http://www.wikilivres.info/wiki/Category:Copied_from_Wikipedia

> Thank you.
> Best,
> Gautam

Best regards,


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