2011/8/28 Gautam John <gau...@prathambooks.org>:
> On 28 August 2011 11:50, Yann Forget <yan...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Wikilivres is currently hosted on a small dedicated server in Montreal, 
>> Canada.
>> It follows the Canadian copyright law, in which a work is in the
>> public domain 50 years after the author's death.
> Thanks.
>> It costs 74 US$ monthly, or about 3,500 Rs. at the current rate.
>> Pathoschild has helped me recently for upgrading Mediawiki to new versions.
>> I am open to proposals regarding a takeover.
> Okay. So ideally, what would such a proposal include - aside from the
> cost which is a given?

I see several possibilities:

1. Free hosting. I think that an educational instution (e.g.
University) might accept hosting Wikilivres under some conditions
(legal responsibility from a Wikimedia chapter?).

2. Financial support only. I could continue to have the legal
responsibility of the project. I have a Paypal account to receive

3. A chapter or another organisation takes over the legal and
financial responsibility.

My main criteria is the long term support for the project.

>> A review of the content and a policy about inclusions seem to be
>> sensible if the legal responsibility is moved on.
> Okay.
> Thank you.
> Best,
> Gautam

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