Heartiest congratulations to the Odia community. It's wonderfully inspiring to 
see a small Indic wikipedia build up so systematically.  I love the fact that 
you are focused on building the community and - as a result - able to build 

Onwards to the next milestone!  …which is going to be sooner than you plan for, 
I'm sure.

Warmest Regards,

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On Aug 29, 2011, at 2:41 PM, Subhashish Panigrahi wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Good morning from Odia Wiki Community.
> Yesterday we had a small meetup to celebrate the "1500 articles Celebration" 
> attended by 6 old and 1 new Wikipedians.
> Agenda:
> Current status: The substantial growth and the initiatives taken to improve 
> the status of Odia Wikipedia was discussed. Odia Wikipedia was dormant for 
> almost 8 years which just started reviving itself in the beginning of this 
> year and made a leap of almost 1000 well written articles in this short span 
> with the bandwidth of a small community with less active members. Bangalore 
> was the stepping stone for the revival of Odia Wikipedia and in the 3rd 
> Bangalore Wikipedia Meetup we have celebrated 1500 articles.
> Projects:
> Discussion regarding 2 ongoing projects.
> Odia loves Wikipedia: An event in Commons to bring out media files uploaded 
> by Odia Wikians. This event has reached 351 media files.
> Wikipedia for Odia Literature: An event which is created to uplift the 
> presence of Odia language and literature in Wikipedia, chronological 
> documentations and media files collection. This is running in both in the 
> Wikipedia as well as Commons. Under this event Odia Wikipedia has attained 
> 131 articles in Odia Wikipedia and 37 images in Commons. 
> Further plans: 
> The next target was set up with attaining 500 more articles to beat Gurumukhi 
> Wikipedia which presently has 2003 articles as both of these Wikipedias took 
> birth in the same time.
> We also have discussed to discourage creation of stubs without taking care of 
> them for further expansion, creation and used of templates, categories, good 
> citaions.
> Plans for more outreach programs by collaborating the Odia literature 
> departments of several known colleges and universities was also talked of.
> Wikipedians debated how Wikipedia could be a fair and reliable source and at 
> times how much beneficial it'd be when most of today's generation are moving 
> out of books and internet has become a repository of unending knowledge and 
> its regional context when an ancient language like Odia is considered, 
> whether or not it is needed to work for Wikipedia, or find any better 
> alternative.
> Thank you all for reading. Expecting your valuable feedback and comments
> ସୁଭପାSubhashishPanigrahi
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