I'm User:Walkerma from the English Wikipedia.  I've been working for some
time on producing offline collections of Wikipedia content from the
Wikipedia.  We're currently looking at the possibility of subject-based
books (e.g., on topics such as mammals or chemistry) for schools, using an
affordable local printer.

Working with PediaPress I put together a "taster" example on chemistry,
which is available here:
though I'd like to expand it.  This one is aligned to the English schools 
GCSE, but others could be designed around the curricula of different
countries or provinces.  I would see this just as a start - we would want
to cover other subjects, other countries and other languages if it was

My questions:
*Would anyone here be interested in working with me on developing this
*Would English language books be useful in schools, or could we only use
ones in Hindi, etc?
*If these books are useful, does anyone here have contacts with a
provincial or local ministry/board of education that might support an
initiative like this?

Thanks for your time,
Martin A. Walker
Department of Chemistry
SUNY College at Potsdam
Potsdam, NY 13676 USA
+1 (315) 267-2271

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