Today (Sept 2, for those who read this later) was a Friday. Was the
bill discussed in the Rajya Sabha today?

If so, any updates on what happened?

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On 02/09/2011, Pranesh Prakash <pran...@cis-india.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> On Friday the Rajya Sabha is due to debate the Copyright Amendment Bill,
> which (amongst many things) increases term of copyright in photographs
> from 60 years from publication of the photo to 60 years after death of
> the photographer (while the international standard is 25 years from
> publication).
> Please oppose this by e-mailing your Rajya Sabha representative:
> http://goo.gl/6CMXC
> I apologize for the horrible formatting of that selection form (which
> should get fixed soon to ensure that your states' RS MPs alone are
> shown).  Since time is of the essence, we decided to go ahead any way.
> Regards,
> Pranesh
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