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>> Not really a Wikipedia model, what?
>> Crying shame about the license.
> Only valid concern is about license, but then if its about bridging the gap
> between policymakers and general public, I feel it will be yet another
> "tam-tam" site from govt and will have no encyclopedia content. We could
> still use the content as RS since it comes from govt.
>> Wondering if the Chapter and the Office can do anything?
Perhaps the Chapter can offer to conduct training programs for government
servants in all states (cascading model) to upload and maintain information
on government procedures and processes. It could be a steady source of
income for the Trust.

What is also needed is information on what we might call 'ground reality'
processes. For instance, when the information asked for in the form etc does
not match the information actually needed by the officer concerned, or at
least claimed to be needed. For obvious reasons, such processes cannot be
authenticated with references to official documents, yet it is precisely
these that are needed by ordinary applicants, who are otherwise driven to
the arms of pimps (ie, consultants). The arthapedia site will also
necessarily fail in this respect, so either wikifyindia or Wikipedia itself
must provide a meaningful solution.

> FYI: Arthapedia is available at arthapedia.in
> I dont think there is a room for involvement since the goals are not even
> intersecting except that they use Mediawiki. Looking at the site, an academy
> about how to put Wiki texts(syntax), making successful Interlinked content
> can be given a shot, but then it will help only their project and public
> over all and may be a fraction of them editing Wikipedia. Currently they are
> just copy pasting documents without interlinking. Some Mediawiki
> help(tips/advice) too can be given.
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