Hi All,
***Please excuse previous incomplete mail sent by mistake.***
I'm very new to Wikimedia, but delighted since joining this list last week.
Godspeed to everyone in the Pune Pilots 1k Program. I read the "Robinson Crusoe 
Economy" article. It is so clean, complete and elegant. It will be a privilige 
to be given an opportunity to work with you, now and upon roll-out. 
So I've submitted my Online Ambassador Application, and am keeping my fingers 
But here start my questions.
1. In the application I've given my locality, city (kolkata), state & country. 
Was the full postal address required. If so, should I re-submit?
2. Could there be training sessions for Online/Campus Ambassadors at Mumbai 
just before or after the Conference dates? [I'd not like to tie-up conference 
time with classrom time]
3. Also, could there be similar sessions for Wikipedia editors to improve their 
Wikiabilities generally.
4. Could/would there be a facility to hire laptops for the duration of the 
Conference - if not generally, then on the basis of request/choice made via the 
registration form?
Thanks and Regards,
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