Hi Yann:

Thanks much for this.

It's nice to know that ISPs are the same the world over and do more
than they are asked to do. *sigh*

Thank you.



On 8 September 2011 12:54, Yann Forget <yan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> For your information, Wikilivres hosting service provider received a
> letter from Gallimard, a leading French publisher.
> See http://www.wikilivres.info/wiki/File:Injonction_de_Gallimard.pdf
> This letter says that major French ISPs have been asked to restrained
> access to a list of pages.
> Then the hosting service provider sent me a mail saying that "terms of
> services have been violated",
> and that there are "monitoring" the site.
> In addition, the letter sent to French ISPs is one year old, and the
> restriction has never been applied
> by any provider, according to the tests I have made.
> However these restrictions should have been done "within one month",
> according to this letter.
> Actually there is nothing in French law which demands ISP to restrict
> access to content
> which are not in the public domain in France.
> AFAIK no terms of service was violated, and I've asked the ISP for
> clarification.
> Gallimard issued a similar threath to Wikisource last year, after
> which some texts were deleted by OFFICE action, and later restored
> after I sent a counter-notice. There was no news from Gallimard after
> that.
> This is to mention that copyright has to be taken seriously in this project.
> Best regards,
> Yann
> 2011/8/26 John Vandenberg <jay...@gmail.com>:
>> Wikisource already has a "Commonwealth copyright wikisource"
>> it is called Wikilivres, and it is hosted in Canada.
>> http://www.wikilivres.info/
>> On that website you will find many examples of works which are illegal
>> to distribute on US servers.
>> Whenever English Wikisource finds a work which is illegal in the US,
>> but legal in Canada, it is moved to Wikilivres.
>> Wikilivres is currently paid for by a Wikisource administrator [[user:Yann]].
>> --
>> John Vandenberg
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