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> >>A question - how hard is it to write a bot that runs contributions
> through Google and flags it based on the degree of match and whether a
> footnote exists or not?
> One such bot existed called corensearchbot which used yahoo to flag
> copyvios. But yahoo changed its terms of service and it had be to stopped.

Infact, we need not go all automatic way, the kind of copying here is very
elementary. 1500+ chars without wiki syntax means something suspicious.None
of us write paragraphs at one shot. I guess Huggle might already flag
those(not sure). I just added watchlist to all course pages[1], so
that ambassadors could monitor them and check manually. It will be great if
some common template is applied on all talk pages where students edit so we
could get one consolidated watchlist with some template. Will work over
sometime during next week.

On the other hand, if the teachers could monitor individual watch-list for
content getting added as and when it will be good. Instead of doing one
review at end, spotting diffs would mean lesser rework for students,shorter
the duration junk stays(Some of the topics chosen by the program have very
few watchers). But it cant be done by ambassadors without subject knowledge.
I definitely cant review Artificial Intelligence topics :D

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:India_Education_Program/Courses

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