Here's what Foundation Report August 2011 has to say for our India Education

*India Programs*

   - Two new consultants selected – Nitika Tandon (Participation) and Shiju
   Alex (Indic Initiatives). Nitika has joined and Shiju joins at the end of
   - Continued support of proposed WikiConference in Mumbai in November
   ($40k grant from WMF; Fellowship for organizer; Advisory services).
   - Wikipedia India Education
   in Pune looking good in terms of numbers (>1000 students) but requires
   intensive effort to provide adequate training, enabling and hand-holding of
   newbie students. Having said this, check out the following:
      - User: Abhilasha369 started a new article: Robinson Crusoe Economy
      - User: basic.atari is working on the Human capital article
      - User: SaurabhKB is editing Self-organizing list ‎
      - User: Aishani Sharma on Social preferences
      - User: Jinchurikidan has been actively editing the article on
      Animation studio
      - 12 new Campus Ambassadors selected for the Pune pilot; training
      expected by September 12
   - Continued progress on legal registration of the proposed independent
   public trust in India.
   - Initial meetings with major mobile carriers / manufacturers scheduled
   for next week.

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