+1. Iv found the press getting many facts wrong as well.

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> problems that seem a few but are slowly cropping up in number ...
> Dear All,
> I have had this problem for over two years and I belive that this
> problem is unseen in most cases and will remain so untill addressed.
> There are many cases where incorrect facts are shown with references.
> This is purely due to lack of sources. I noticed this back in 2009
> when I found that according to all available sources, the only
> concrete trunk road in India is the Mumbai Pune Expressway. This I
> know is not true. The East Coast Arm of the Golden Quadrilateral has a
> few concrete sections, confirmed with photographs on the websites of
> the National Highways Authority of India and the Nagarjuna
> Construction Company. Apart from this, I personally have seen that the
> Hubli Belgaum Toll Road Private Limited, Pune Satara Toll Road are
> also made of concrete. Now since I couldn't use these pictures as
> sources, mainly due to copyright issues and that I wasn't into
> photographs at that time, I ignored it. Recently I thought I could try
> and use the Oral Citations on this little issue and see, but after a
> chat with Achal yesterday I dropped the idea as it would need to be
> authoritative or in short I'd need a government official to talk. This
> as I've experienced earlier, isn't an easy task. Therefore, I place a
> request here for people to suggest something, as this problem is
> rising unchecked ...
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