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> I beg to differ Gautum. Since, it was made part of the curriculum this almost 
> constitutes as cheating. I am not sure about lofty first world standards but
> I would be failed for cheating just about anywhere in the world.

It's taking a while for some newbie student editors to figure out how to edit 
Wikipedia - and aspects like citation and paraphrasing.  They're working at - 
and I have personally met a bunch of them who're working really hard at it.  
Some are struggling with English.  Some are struggling with getting computer / 
Internet access.  Some are struggling with markups.  …but they're working at 

> Second, if we don't uphold the "WMF policies" (they are actually project 
> policies, not the foundation's) in an officially sanctioned and financed 
> program, then who will?
> If we were to take this idea further, why respect any local copyright at all? 
> or at least the one in Global South. We can just add copyrighted images and 
> books right off from anywhere, forget about CC or any attempt at working on 
> Open-source licenses. 
> As always, I agree with Beria. If those student were to be graded for this 
> project, they should be failed.

This aspect is solely at the discretion of the faculty - as it should be.  I do 
know that faculty members are taking it seriously.

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