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On 12 September 2011 22:22, Subhashish Panigrahi <psubhash...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Here is a abridged summary of the 37th Bangalore Wiki Meetup Summary on 11th
> September 2011 at CIS, Bangalore
> Talk: Technology related issues in Wiki projects and their solutions (By
> Santhosh Thottingal)
> This Skype session was presented by the foundation member Santhosh
> Thottingal.  First of all he was formally greeted by the Wikipedians from
> Bangalore for the new position. Santhosh introduced the Narayam project and
> its advancements, participation of Malayalam Wikimedian Junaid.V for the
> development of typing tools for all the Indian Wikimedia projects and
> Myanmar Wikipedia, fixing several bugs and further improvements.
> Then answering a question raised by Naveen Francis about how foundation is
> going to take initiatives for solving display problems for Iphone/Android
> based handheld devices he explained how this technological gaps would be
> narrowed in the coming days though foundation doesn’t have any project soon
> specifically for this project. FYI the latest Iphone 4 and Android 2.0
> supports Indic font rendering while Android 2.2 has rendering issues.
> As there are many users who are failing to use Indic Wikipedias because of
> font and rendering related issues Santhosh shared his experience, past
> issues and their solutions. He also has shared how the typographer of the
> Sourashtra language font has come up to release it in PD so that it could be
> used by all. The current project for web fonts especially for Indic fonts
> have successfully been tested in www.Translatewiki.net which will be soon
> launched for all the Indic Wikipedias. The web font project has even gone
> beyond the Indic WPs and is also successful for Hebrew, few
> European languages and Myanmar which has rendering issues even in Win 7.
> Santhosh also shared his experience related to Text-To-Speech application
> development for Indian languages which would be a boon for the visually
> impaired people. There would be a common high volume word and phonetic sound
> database which would be used to generate downloadable mp3/ogv files so the
> Wikipedia articles could be converted to audio files. Though the complexity
> of Indian languages doesn’t make this an easy task there had been lot of
> advancements in this project which is available for testing at www.silpa.in
> .
> Santhosh explained the thought of outreach programs such as Wiki Maratrhon
> to bring more developers into the community which would be one of his talks
> in the Mumbai WCI who will address issues in Indian language Wikipedias.
> Then he moved onto question based discussion about OCR (Optical character
> Reader) and machine translation or TDI, expllained the complexity of the
> developing tools to for Indic languages.
> Then there was a discussion about WikiProjectIndia by Naveen Francis. Naveen
> explained the hierarchy of the project, campus collaborations like
> Symbiosis, Pune for Economy subject under this major project. He also
> focussed how outreach programs driven in both regional as well as in English
> Wikipedia to bring more editors into the project which would be beneficial
> for all the Wikipedias. Wikimedians also discussed glimpses of using
> different tools in Wiki, Assessment, Analysis of web hits for regional Wiki.
> Then there was a small discussion for the regional Wikipedias, how more
> editing sessions would help developing Wikipedias. Subha explained the
> statistics of Odia Wikipedia followed by a discussion for promoting regional
> Wikipedia using social sites like Facebook, taking the Wikipedias to school
> children and the government for creating bigger Wiki projects.
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