Just to add this point to the minutes:
8. The position of Secretary of WikiConference India 2011 is now open. Names
of Moksh and Netra were suggested for the post. It was decided that the
names be put up on the Conference list before final decision was taken.

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> The thirteenth meeting of Wikipedia Mumbai community was held at the Center
> for Education and Documentation, Colaba. The meeting was scheduled to be
> held between 4 pm and 6 pm but went on till 7 pm. We would like to thank the
> Center for Education and Documentation for providing the venue and being
> patient despite us crossing the time limit.
> The meeting had two agenda items:
> 1. Introductions
> 2. Update on WikiConference India 2011
> There were 15 people present at the meeting.
> 1. After a round of introductions, Pranav presented an update on
> WikiConference India 2011.
> 2. Prof. Nagarjuna proposed and offered the facilities of the hostel at the
> Homi Bhaba Center for Science Education (HBCSE) for a few Wikipedians. The
> conference working group has been requested to get back to him with number
> of people and has offered the place even a few days before the conference.
> 3. The discussion turned to the backing out of Pune from the organisation
> of the conference. It was resolved by members in the Mumbai community to put
> out this statement: "We regret the withdrawal of Pune community from the
> organisation of the conference and sincerely hope that this will not affect
> their continuing participation in the conference itself."
> 4. a. It was suggested to have weekly meetings of the Points of Contacts of
> the various teams in the Working Group of the Conference along with the
> Functionaries. It was suggested that the meeting be held on a platform such
> as Jabber with Sabse Bolo conference as backup.
> 4. b. It was suggested that each team also have a back up Point of Contact,
> in case the Point of Contact could not attend the meeting. Missing the
> meeting twice in a row would mean that the person would be out.
> 4. c. It has been suggested that the first Point of Contacts and
> Functionaries meeting be held next Saturday at 5 pm subject to approval by
> the Points of Contact and their backups.
> 5. There was an open question left unanswered on the gender imbalance in
> the Working Group.
> 6. We wanted to increase the volunteer base in the working group and it was
> felt that there should be recruitment of more Wikipedians and there should
> be increased publicity of the Conference in Mumbai and across India.
> 7. There will be two WikiAcademies held in North and South Mumbai very
> soon. The date for the first one will be October 1, 2011 at the Center for
> Education and Documentation, Colaba. Thatzit has offered its premises in
> Goregaon for the organisation of the second WikiAcademy. The date for this
> WikiAcademy is to be finalized.
> The meeting ended at 7 pm as the Center had to close its premises.
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