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> Why did Wikipedia have to figure in this? :-)
> http://ibnlive.in.com/blogs/tathagatabhattacharya/2947/62714/facebook-petrol-price-hoax-think-before-you-like.html

Outreach issue. It shows that even "educated urban mass" need awareness
about what Wikipedia is and how it works, most of them know its just a
website anyone can edit and hence has a view its not reliable at all(though
it does for a small amount of time until eventual consistency is reached).
Quoting a meta

It is the users' responsibility to verify the authenticity of any
> information circulated through Facebook posts or Wikipedia articles.
> Otherwise, fiction will continue to pass off as fact and emotions will
> continue to be stirred for wrong reasons.

That person who has written it hasnt verified what Wikipedia is and just
posting fiction to pass off as fact and stirring emotions for wrong reasons!

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