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> 9,12 lakh Laptops will be completely distributed by the end of the Academic 
> year.

We are trying to establish a line of communication with ELCOT to discuss how we 
could have Wikipedia Offline installed on these computers.
> After all this nonsense, I ask a few questions to several groups of people:

This isn't nonsense! It's fantastic context!!!  Many many thanks!

> 1> The chapter, the Foundation office, and board members. This includes 
> Hisham Mundol, Bishakha Dutta, Achal Prabhala, Shiju Alex, Nitika Tandon et 
> al.
> Are you willing to launch any school student oriented plan in South India, 
> [not limited to TN]?
> I'm not asking for anything similar to the Campus Ambassadors program, but 
> more of a series of Seminars, workshops, academies, meetups, tutorials etc. 
> We need your support for such a mass scale program, as individually we cannot 
> achieve anything. 

Yes!  Happy to discuss and see how best we can help out.  Let me know when we 
can talk.

> 2> South Indian wikipedians, especially the Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala 
> communities.
> Are you open to helping us out?
> Especially Kerala, you are the most advanced in the Indic wiki sphere, will 
> you please help out your neighbour TN?
> I'm willing to do as much as possible from my side[I'm not too good at 
> arranging meetups, when I say Wikipedia, people stare at me blankly, and I 
> can't explain it to them in Tamil, even though it is my mother tongue].
> Please do consider this Golden opportunity.
> There is plenty of potential out here.
> The laptops run on Linux, which means, a big boost to Open Source software.
> The primary target is school students, which means, more young editors [and 
> oldies in their late teens like me].
> I couldn't think of how to say this, but somehow I just typed it and sent it.

Once again, Thank You for this!

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