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> ”we" have had the discussions here:
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaindia-l/2011-September/004547.html

That is the discussion about the Wikiconference logo, correct me if I'm
wrong, Hackathon and Wikiconference are two separate events, and two
separate logos. The hackathon logo was not discussed as far as I know, there
is a single email from GerardM in the middle of the thread linking to the
hackathon logo but nothing after that. That entire thread is about someone
changing the Wikiconference logo a month later with no prior discussion.

If you are on the conference planning list, you might remember, we discussed
the Wikiconference logo *ad nauseum. *You can also see my responses  at the
time in his replies which often included both lists.* *The person who
changed it, did so, without any prior discussion or approval. We had an
ad-hoc voting session after which it was decided to keep the logo, we also
offered to block anyone who changed it without prior approval, the logo is
now protected.

In all that, I have not seen the Hackathon logo discussed once, besides
Gerard linking to it in the middle of the discussion. So I ask again, where
have "we" had the discussion?

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