A mail sent by Wikimedia said that I'll be contacted shortly regarding my
talk, but haven't been contacted yet. (
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiConference_India_2011/Submissions_Review -
No. 179)
Hence, I am starting a thread for the same.

*1. *The idea behind my proposal was to put as much *AJAX *in a Wiki Page as
possible, which will make Wiki more Professional & Enticing for users.

For instance, if you take a look at the pages -

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010%E2%80%932011_Greek_protests or,


A user (an Engineer like me) might not be interested in going through each &
every topic. Since the whole page (1.54 MB for the Euro Debt Crisis Page)
would be loaded every time, we can implement a method which would only show
the topic which would be selected from the Table of Contents. Thus, one
doesnt have to scroll through long paragraphs each time he has to look for
different topics within a page. Hence,  instead of the whole page, a section
of the page is transferred at a time.


The whole Web page would be compact.
One wont have to scroll through large paragraphs.
*Waiting Time *is reduced.
*Bandwidth Usage- *Since pages do not have to completely reload, it can help
in less server bandwidth (helpful for me in my college), and when you are in
countries or places that charge for your hosting bandwith, it will be more
*Traffic *to and from the server is *reduced*.
Form Validation.
User Simplicity.


If you press the back button, you may not be able to return in the previous
Might be *difficult to* *bookmark *and return to that particular state of
the application

*2. *The second idea was to put *JQuery *into use.

For instance, Stave Jobs died on 5th Oct, a couple of days bak.
We could have had an implementation of a simple slideshow of pictures
showing his Life (from Apple NeXT, Pixar, Disney to Apple), his inventions
(from Apple I to Macbook Air + IPad & IPhone) on the main Wiki Page.

Example for implementation-

*Advantages *are that it has a Large library & an efficient & helpful Open
Source Community and has *AJAX Support.*
Obviously for that JQuery Javascript file would  be required to run the
JQuery commands.
*Till here was about my Proposal.*

I have a few more queries though.

1. Could someone tell me about Hackathon & what role can I play, depending
on my proposal?
2. How do I present my talk (if I am allowed)..like present a modified page
with AJAX usage as well?
3. Could I have a contact no. of someone incharge so that I can speak
directly, in case for some minor queries.

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,
Shivansh Srivastava | +91-955-243-5407 |
 <mr.shivansh.srivast...@gmail.com>Secretary, BITS Alumni Affairs Division |
Web Expert, BITSAA International
3rd Year Undergraduate | B.E. (Hons.) - Electronics & Instrumentation
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