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> Sanskrit Wikipedia is not having transliteration tool as in most other
> Indian languages. Since the script is Devanagari, the same code used in
> Hindi wiki can be reused. Can anybody please enable it?

Infact Sanskrit was one of the early communities to adopt Narayam (before
Tamil). Please see the below screenshots for Tamil, you similarly have
"Input Method" dropdown at top of page near Username / Login link. Please
hover over it, you would get a dropdown to choose the transliteration
option. (Control-M) is the keyboard shortcut to turn it off / on.

Gerard / Santhosh / Junaid / Shiju,

Should we run site notices with these screenshots on these communities to
increase awareness. Tamil wiki projects have a link to typing help on
sitenotice and that page contains relevant help. I think it would be better
if you ask bug filers to make sure they run sitenotices on wiki post
enabling Narayam to spread awareness.


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