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Dear Indian Wikimedians, and those from near Pune in particular,

In November the complete localisation team of the Wikimedia Foundation
(I, Niklas, Amir, Gerard, Santhosh and Alolita) will be in India for
the Wiki Conference India, the Mumbai hackathon and a team meeting.
Our schedule allows for an event in Pune on Saturday 26 November 2011,
if the Pune community thinks this is a good idea. We would like it to
be a localisation sprint, in which we gather as many people as
possible from the Wikimedia community, but maybe also from other open
source translation communities, to work on the translation of
MediaWiki and MediaWiki extensions used by Wikimedia for a few hours,
and have some nice chats while doing that.

We would of course need a venue with a decent internet connection,
enough power, and participants would need to bring equipment that
allows for them to work online in translatewiki.net or offline with a
gettext editor.

Is this something that is doable?

Siebrand Mazeland
Product Manager Localisation
Wikimedia Foundation

M: +31 6 50 69 1239
Skype: siebrand

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