*PTI / Reuters / The Economic Times / DNA : "Wikipedia focusing on India
this year"*


*DOHA: One of the world's most popular websites Wikipedia has turned its
focus on India this year, and is working to reach out to people in the
country as part of its expansion plans. *
*Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said that the free Internet encyclopedia has
a bunch of people on the ground in India conducting studies and outreach
exercises. *
*"This year our focus has been India. We have a few people on the ground in
India; they're there helping to solve technical questions, helping with
outreach to universities, helping with PR -letting the public know that
Wikipedia exists in all those Indian languages," he said here. *
*Wales, the brain behind world's fifth most popular Website, was in Qatar
to attend the World Innovation Summit for Education. *
*He said his organisation was carrying out pilot studies in India and
intends to use the learning experience gathered from there in other regions
as well. *
*"So those are just some pilot projects in India that, as we learn from
those, we'll know what we're going to do in other geographies," Wales said
on the sidelines of the summit. *
*"And in our five-year strategic plan we did identify the Middle East and
North Africa as a key area that we wanted to move forward in," he said. *
*Asked about the role played by social media in the Arab Spring, Wales said
he believed that it did make a lot of contribution to the uprisings that
began early this year and have already toppled three entrenched regimes. *
*"It definitely did. Wikipedia is social media in the sense that we're open
to broad participation by the public, we invite people to get involved from
the community, and that sort of thing," he said.*

Tinu Cherian

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