*The Hindustan Times : "Wikipedia plumbs for more Marathi articles"*

*Lack of digital archiving, limited Indian references and difficulty in
accessing the Devnagari script are the main reasons for the lack of
contributions made to the Marathi Wikipedia page, said Pranav Curumsey,
chairperson of WikiConference 2011, at a press conference on Wednesday.*
*“While the English Wikipedia page has more than four million articles, the
Marathi page has barely 35,000 articles,“ said Mandar Kulkarni, editor of
Marathi Wikipedia.*
*The WikiConference 2011, organised by the Mumbai Wikipedia community and
the Wikimedia Chapter (India), will be held from November 18 to 20 at the
Mumbai University Convocation Hall.*
*The conference will have a Marathi track, including paper presentations
and a group discussion on encouraging Wikipedia users to contribute to the
Marathi page of the webbased encyclopedia project. The three-day conference
will have Jimmy Wales, founder and chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation,
will address attendees during the three-day conference. “Out of the 700
seats, only 50 are vacant at the moment,“ said Hisham Mundol, consultant,
Wikimedia Foundation, India.*
*The conference will have paper presentations on topics such as Wiki for
the Blind, WikiBhasha: Our Experiences with Multilingual Content and Legal
aspects of Wiki culture.*
*“We will also have a panel discussion on Wiki Women Web: Bridging the
Gender Gap, which will encourage more women to write and edit articles on
our page,“ said Curumsey. “Even at the conference, only 14 % of the total
registrations include women. We need to change this mindset,“ he added.*

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