I am not very excited with this idea of a jury for picking noteworthy

1. Many noteworthy Wikimedians are serving in Jury, conference
activities, chapter and WMF. Omitting them from the recognition will
not give a real picture to the public.

2. Having a jury to pick this seems so Un-Wikipediac. Only in extreme
cases, we have a jury in Wikimedia projects. Usually, the nomination
and approval is done by the community itself.

3.There are tens of noteworthy Wikimedians for each Wikipedia. An
example for Tamil Wikipedia alone at

I can't nominate just one or two as every one's contribution is
valuable and unique. Not good to have a competition sort of thing and
upset a lot of people.

3. What is the point of a citation / certificate in this digital age?
What is the purpose achieved after the event is over?

I would recommend requesting each language community and project to
suggest noteworthy contributions with a mini profile and make a audio
/ visual out of it. These people can be interviewed and the content
can be used in the conference venue and future outreach activities.
This will be a powerful way to motivate and recognize a lot of people.


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