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> 2. Having a jury to pick this seems so Un-Wikipediac. Only in extreme
> cases, we have a jury in Wikimedia projects. Usually, the nomination
> and approval is done by the community itself.
> Not sure a jury is so un-wikipediac. Juries usually pick the venue for
each wikimania, on clear and transparent criteria.

Another way to think of a jury is as a committee - or a smaller group of
people, who convene to make something specific happen. And there are many
of these: ChapCom (Chapters Committee), NomCom (Nominations Committee),
CommCom (Communications Committee), to name a few.

And, of course, there are more than 11 committees that are part of
WikiConference India 2011.

Also, in this specific case, the jury is charged to pick noteworthy
wikipedians from among those nominated by different communities. So it is
not like the jury is separately nominating and deciding on its own, but
from a pool nominated by a larger community. (So it's a smaller subset of
the former, in a sense).

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