On Nov 12, 2011, at 6:28 PM, Gautam John wrote:
> Srikantha, thanks for posting this. I did not know about it till you
> posted it and I am sure there are many like me. It is worrying but at
> the same time offers us a chance to make things better for the future.

Apologies, Gautam, Srikanth and others, I ought to have posted the updates on 
the India mailing list too.

> As I see it, the majority of the challenges have been around
> plagiarism and copyright violations. (I wish we wouldn't conflate
> these things - they aren't the same.)


> There are multiple ways to solve
> this - one is technology and the other one is the age old methods of
> 'capacity building' and 'sensitisation'. Question is, are the latter
> two areas of work for the India Programs office because they aren't
> short term or easy. A via-media is to run all submission through some
> http://turnitin.com/ type system to check. Or maybe a hybrid - where
> they don't edit on the mainspace but say on a sandbox run in India by,
> perhaps, the Chapter and then they graduate? It's easy to overwhelm
> the system when so many students sign up - a ladder of evolution in to
> a Wikipedia editor might help. As might the idea of pairing/twining
> either the students together (they check each other) or student with
> current editor (which may have already failed).

All valid suggestions and we will consider them all in our analysis of what 
went wrong and how/if we can do things better going forward.

>  that's needed but some honesty and vulnerability to learn,
> accept and act on the feedback.

Absolutely, Gautam, and that's exactly how we will approach this.

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