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> I'm hoping we'll hear more about the successes of the project, and eventually 
> come to a balanced understanding of what worked and what didn't. 
> At this stage, we're hearing much more about what didn't work, so it's hard 
> to assess the pilot meaningfully. 

Thanks for bringing this up Bishakha. I do agree with you - like any other 
thing IEP has had its own set of highs and lows, ups and downs, failures and 
successes. I wanted to provide a more holistic view and share some analysis 
that I have done about IEP to see what worked during the pilot and what did 

Our brilliant army of Campus Ambassadors who have voluntarily put in extra 
hours of work than they'd been asked to when they'd applied for Campus 
Ambassador Program. Several in-class sessions, copyvio sessions, co-ordinating 
with faculty, actively going from student to student and solving their queries, 
organizing regular CA meet ups/faculty meet ups, going through articles 
students have written, helping students understand how to do praphrasing and 
the list goes on and on. No matter what the circumstances were and no matter 
how busy they were there were always couple of CAs who would actively volunteer 
for the work that was required to be done. They have put their heart and soul 
in the program and would like to thank each one of them for all their efforts 
and dedication towards the program!

A lot of students who have been actively editing additional articles 'besides 
the ones on which they'll be graded'. These students are genuinely interested 
in Wiki editing and have written some very good articles. Just to add, these 
students understand the consequences of plagiarism and who knows, these newbies 
might turn into long term wikipedians. 

I would also like to share with you all some of the good articles that students 
have written. I feel in the midst of all the copyvio chaos we have not 
congratulated students who have done brilliant work on wikipedia:

Challenges of Inflationary Policy In India 
Loan waiver 
Robinson Crusoe Economy
Human Capital
Land acquisition in India
Partial equilibrium
Labour Discrimination
Testing high-performance computing applications
Test Data Generation
Testing in data mining applications
Applications of Stack
Double-ended priority queue 
Constructor(Object-oriented programming)

These are just few of the articles. And as you'll notice not only have these 
students written good articles they have also contributed in great way by 
adding Indian content on wiki.

Failures (and while pointing out the failures, I'd also like to address some 
concerns raised by specific people in this mail trail) 
There is no denying that our lack of communication with the global wikipedia 
community would be the biggest failure.
Initially when we had approached the OAs we'd thought that their role will be 
similar (if not the same) to the OAs involved in PPI. But because of several 
other issues (students adding plagiarized material, low quality content etc) we 
had to start with the clean up project and hence the role of OAs also changed. 
I think this change of role caused some confusion for the OAs. So Bala/ Surya, 
I note your point here going forward we have to have more effective 
communication with the OAs and the entire OA Program should be designed and 
monitored in a better fashion.
Accepting some of the inexperienced Wikipedians to become OAs. However we 
recognized our mistake well in time and  got more experienced wikipedians as 
OAs ( OAs who were actively involved in PPI). 
As Swaroop/Arnav rightly said, we'll have to branch out to other subject 
streams. It was really difficult for first year engineering students (who were 
still studying the basics of engineering) to pick up topics on which they could 
write wikipedia articles because most of those articles were very well covered. 
Not briefing students about plagiarism and copyvios  during the initial 
in-class sessions. Going forward, we have to make sure that students are taught 
about this topic in detail.

Arnav, Arjun, Swaroop et all - I agree with you! IEP is not dead. The program 
faced its own set of challenges and we've learnt a lot out of this pilot. We're 
still studying the trends, our mistakes, our successes and we'll share our 
evaluation with you all sometime soon.

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