On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:33 PM, Bishakha Datta <bishakhada...@gmail.com>wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:16 PM, Theo10011 <de10...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> As for starting "Wiki editing" you might want to start yourself. I
>>>> suggest your userpage on Meta, which if I recall I told you to create a
>>>> month ago.
>>> Ooooh! Can we please cut out these sort of unconstructive, personal
>>> comments. They don't help anyone or anything.
>> I assure you this was not a personal comment. You might want to look at
>> the Meta talk page for IEP here [1] where admins who first dealt with the
>> issue played a game charades to find out who was actually in-charge of IEP.
>> It has editors from enwp, trying to deduce who Nitika.t is
>> And with all due respect back, Theo, this thread is about the IEP - not
> about Nitika's editing prowess. So your comment strikes me as irrelevant -
> and I'm sorry, but even if I'm in a minority of one, it did come across as
> personal to me.
> I also feel that comments like these have a strong effect on those whom
> they name thus - they silence them. Specially when they are relatively new
> to this culture, and even more so, when they are participating in a very
> difficult and somewhat hostile thread. And they silence others who may have
> spoken out.
> So while applauding Nitika for sharing her views in this space, I also
> want to urge that you and I not get into a slanging match on this point.
> Let's agree to disagree, since I doubt we will agree on this.
> At the same time, I very much appreciate your efforts to help and nurture
> Nitika, which did come through in the earlier email too.
> Best
> Bishakha

Yes, I agree to disagree on this, but I still fail to see how I made it
personal. I try my best to avoid *ad hominem* attacks, it breaches the line
of good debate with an argument, but I agree my tone can seem harsh at
times, and in hindsight I could have stated my point a bit better. But what
you seem to misunderstand as personal is actually her professional work.
Please correct me, she is indeed a paid employee/contractor, and part of
that job involves editing a wiki, a big part. I fail to see how any
criticism or comments about it can be deemed personal.

Second, it wasn't her editing prowess, it was something that I already
informed her about, twice. Creating a userpage is the first form of
identification on a wiki, without it, people have no idea if that user is
actually an editor, an employee, or a vandal. As an admin, I thought it was
my job to inform her, especially when others were confused about her

Besides this, I also don't understand the point about, comments like mine
silencing editors. Are you arguing, I should hold her to lesser standards
than another editor even when she is a paid staff member in a position of
authority? There are new volunteers who join everyday who are new to the
culture, I'm all for being nice to them, but she has been in a position of
authority, leading the program. Instead of leading by example, people have
a hard time identifying her.

I didn't think bringing up the issue in context of the same authority and
program was personal. I'm sorry if it seemed personal to you, it was not my
intent. Again, I do agree that the tone in my original email might have
been needlessly harsh, for that, I apologize, but my points still stand.

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