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> And - to stay with the sandbox metaphor from another thread - if the
> majority of contributors to a university-based program in India can
> reach won't be able to contribute at an acceptable quality in WP
> proper, then perhaps it's also time to think about more aggressive
> sandboxing of contributions early in the game, at least when we're
> dealing with a course where we either don't know what to expect, or we
> _do_ based on experiences like the one to date. Possibly even using an
> external sandbox.
If I understand it rightly, Erik points out that one of the questions
raised here is the validity of the University-centric approach to this

Hisham will recall I had queried this approach at a meetup way back when.
This was before I found that it had a history, being a successful
initiative in another milieu. I am sure now, with this experience, we can
find ways to make the program work more effectively here, one possibility
(not the only one) being shedding the college campus-centric focus, and
reaching out more widely to people, in order to welcome more people within
the contributory fold.  As Abhilash points out, this was a pilot, and it is
up to us to evaluate its learnings and move forward from it, not trash it
or its participants.

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