//*All I can say is that EVERY KING WAS ONCE A CRYING BABY.
Remember the day when you created your account on wikipedia. With all due
respect to your edit count at present and your current status at wiki, you
were also a KID on wikipedia at that day. A KID who has grown up now and
understands wikipedia well enough.

Same is the case with IEP students. Mastering wikipedia and coming to terms
with it is not a cakewalk. The students are learning from their mistakes.

As far as the Campus Ambassadors are concerned, yes there were a few
inactive ones. But there were also many CA's who put their heart and souls
into the program. Ram is one of them. In my opinion, judging a person's
knowledge about wikipedia by his edit count is not at all fair!

I would request you not to get personal. No doubt you are crossing the
limits, even you know that.

And for everyone who is following this thread, IEP is not dead for sure!
It's just that it met with an accident, got deeply wounded. Doctors are
doing their job.

IEP will be back - stronger and healthier !//

All Wikipedias face vandals, trolls and genuinely interested newbies
everyday. That is not a problem and part of the growth. It can be managed
because the rate of such newcomers is manageable by the existing number of
admins. Also, genuinely interested newbie's rate of errors will be much
less and they usually correct themselves.

But, if you are designing a program to systematically upload content, a lot
of care has to be taken an no excuse can be given. No community can easily
cleanup such a systematic mess. I can see lot of emotional attachment for
the people attached to this IEP project. Please do also remember that a
Wikipedia projects is also very dear for its community. If you can't help
them, at least don't add to their burden.

The same thing happened with Tamil Wikipedia when Google created a lot of
trash in the name of helping Indian languages. We are still cleaning that
mess. I can very well understand the frustration of the en wiki community
which spends so much time cleaning.

*Wikipedia is a very organic community. Unless the programs from WMF or any
other organization don't understand and adapt to this, they will neither be
sustainable or scalable. *

I recommend all Wikipedia communities to take a no-nonsense approach to all
programs that use them as a testing ground. Volunteer's time are more

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