Some time back I was looking for some drug information (which was in my
doctor's prescription).
Then I was thinking why that information was not there in wikipedia.
I found few wonderful sites which gives that kind of information.


I searched on google for information on a drug prescribed by my doctor.
collected lots of info from various sources and added to wikipedia. And I
was hoping I can add few more drugs when ever I visit a doctor. later my
article was deleted quoting advertising of my own product.

I was thinking some kind of wikiDrug would help in understanding
composition, use, side effects of each drug.
Incubation of such project would be helpful.

I found the following website which use wikipedia's logo too. I am sure
this is nothing to do with wikimedia foundation project. (see the copyright
in the bottom)

It is imitation of wikipedia.

Thanks & Regards,
A.Radha Krishna
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