This is something worth exploring.

The en.wikipedia do give details, but only on the basis of the scientific names. The brand specific names are not listed much, unless they are very famous. Having said that trying to capture the full list of drugs from manufacturers could be a very tedious task (esp considering they may keep on getting them updated/deleted/modified/renamed). More simple and trustworthy would be to expand whatever is available and add more generic/scientific compound name into wikipedia or a separate pharmacology/pharmacopeia section under wikipedia.

Oral citations and citations from SME's would be the way to go.


On 22-Nov-2011 9:03 AM, Vickram Crishna wrote:
I am not familiar with the online availability of pharmaceutical information of drugs made in India. Do websites of manufacturers not list the drugs they make? Is there any issue with citing the manufacturer's list of drugs?

What about online pharmacopeia? Do Indian associations not list the drugs made in India? It seems to me this is a very basic requirement, the lack of which (if correct) can be addressed by an RTI to the Ministry of Health, possible bringing about a solution within months.

A very similar action could happen with indigenous pharmacopeia, but there may be genuine difficulty with an authoritative source for the medicines/manufacturers/vendors/formulations, as the regulations for these may not be of the same order. Again, there is no logical reason why this situation should be permitted or encouraged to continue - it is in our own interest to see it improve. Oral citations may be the way forward.

2011/11/22 ViswaPrabha (?????????) < <>>

    User: Netha Hussain +1

    On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 23:42, Netha Hussain
    < <>> wrote:

        Hi all,

        I am a 3rd year student of medicine from Kerala.Though I work on
        ml.wikipedia, I have recently started editing pharmacology-related
        articles on en.wikipedia. I have noticed the same
        insufficiency you
        mentioned. On Wikipedia, we do have articles covering various
        their actions and side effects, but most often they are not
        useful to
        the public as these articles do not contain the proprietary(trade)
        names of the drugs.
         Most of the trade names listed in Wikipedia are those from
        the US or
        UK. Presently, the state of things in en.wikipedia is such
         that if
        an Indian trade name is added to the  Wikipedia page of a drug, it
        gets deleted soon because of notability reasons. People often
        for the trade names on Wikipedia as they do not know the
        generic names
        of the same. The end result is that those looking for information
        about a particular drug on google end up reaching sites other than

        Projects of this kind are something I am looking forward to.
        Though I
        am still a student, I would like to get invloved in this
        similar projects) if ever we plan to launch it.

        User: Netha Hussain

        On 11/20/11, RadhaKrishna Arvapally
        <>> wrote:
        > Hi,
        > Some time back I was looking for some drug information
        (which was in my
        > doctor's prescription).
        > Then I was thinking why that information was not there in
        > I found few wonderful sites which gives that kind of
        > I searched on google for information on a drug prescribed by
        my doctor.
        > collected lots of info from various sources and added to
        wikipedia. And I
        > was hoping I can add few more drugs when ever I visit a
        doctor. later my
        > article was deleted quoting advertising of my own product.
        > I was thinking some kind of wikiDrug would help in understanding
        > composition, use, side effects of each drug.
        > Incubation of such project would be helpful.
        > I found the following website which use wikipedia's logo
        too. I am sure
        > this is nothing to do with wikimedia foundation project.
        (see the copyright
        > in the bottom)
        > It is imitation of wikipedia.
        > --
        > Thanks & Regards,
        > A.Radha Krishna

        Netha Hussain
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