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Date: 22 November 2011 18:50
Subject: Blatant misinformation and vandalism of India articles on Wikipedia
To: "pradeep.mohan...@gmail.com" <pradeep.mohan...@gmail.com>

Dear Pradeep Mohandas,

I got your e-mail address from your user page on wikipedia. I understand that 
you were involved in the Wikipedia conference that was held in Mumbai in 
November 2011. This should mean that you are part of Wikipedia. I have to bring 
to your attention, an issue, that has been bothering me from a long time.

There are a few administrators on
 Wikipedia who "legally vandalise" pages related to India and block anyone who 
disagrees with their point of view. (POV) For example, if you view the "India" 
article on Wikipedia, you will notice that the introduction does not do justice 
to what is arguably the greatest civilization in world history. It is heavily 
biased and doesn't mention the fact that India is the oldest and the oldest 
continuing civilization in history. It doesn't mention the fact that India is 
an emerging superpower. The page is being constantly monitored and vandalised 
by a group of users/administrators who seem to have an inherent bias towards 
India. I tried editing the page, but was unable to do so because of the 
following users: Fowler&fowler, Saravask, Quigley, Elockid and 
ElockidAlternate. Of all the mentioned users,  Fowler&fowler and Elockid  ( 
ElockidAlternate is his alternate account) are by FAR, the worst. they seem to 
have something
 against India and Indians.  Fowler&fowler has continually uploaded offensive 
images in the demographics and economy sectionof the India article and made 
disparaging remarks about India and Indians! He is an administrator!!

Moving on to Elockid and ElockidAlternate (same user with another account). Go 
through the Economic History of India
 article. Under GDP Estimate, the following sentence was deleted by 

"According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book ''The World 
Economy: A Millennial Perspective'', India had the world's largest economy from 
the first to the 18th century, with a (32.9%) share of world [[GDP]] in the 1st 
century to (28.9%) in 1000 AD, and in 1700 AD with (24.4%)."
<ref>The World Economy: Historical Statistics, Angus Maddison</ref>"
and this sentence was replaced by:

"According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book Contours of the 
world economy, 1-2030 AD: essays in macro-economic history, India had the 
world's largest
 economy during the years 1 AD and 1000 AD"

Now, let me tell you how this is wrong on SO many levels:1) The first statement 
is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT and the book clearly mentions that India had the largest 
economy from the first to the eighteenth century!
2) In the book " Contours of the world economy", the author clearly mentions 
that India had the largest economy from the first to the 16th century and in 
the 17th century! the sentence uploaded by Elockid or ElockidAlternate is 

I have tried to correct this error and I got blocked for being a "sockpuppet", 
even though i am not! I tried reporting on the Vandalism noticeboard, but i got 
blocked from editing the vandalism noticeboard!!! Is there anyway I can alert 
Jimmy Wales about the constant anti - Indian editing by some administrators on 
Wikipedia? Also, is there any way you can correct these edits, cuz a lot of 
people may be exposed to this misinformation! Please get back to me.

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