On Nov 23, 2011, at 6:10 PM, Jayanta Nath wrote:

> Hi Shiju,
> Thank you for this initiative about Assamese Wikipedia. I am personal eager 
> to work with this community because our are using same script (Bengali).  As 
> you know that my future plan is not only in Kolkata, I want to expand 
> Wikimedia movement to rural Bengal (India), where most of the native speakers 
> live. 
> We are waiting for help each other between Bengali/Assamese/Manipuri 
> community and Foundation/Chapter to future expansion our native language in 
> Wikipedia.

As Shiju mentioned, he will be sharing the discussions that he's been having 
(and continues to have) with various communities.  We can and must identify 
ways that the Foundation / Chapter can support various communities.  Let's talk 
more on Bengali and any ideas that you might have including the ones that were 
discussed at WCI.


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