Thought it would be a good idea to share this news here as well.

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 13:23:51 +0000
Subject: [cultural-partners] Al Jazeera in Flickr goes cc-by-sa

Dear Cultural-patners-l and Commons-l, 
As some of you know I'm currently in Qatar at the invitation of CreativeCommons 
Qatar talking to various GLAMs. We met with the good folks from Al Jazeera 
English the other day and discussed various ways that we could work together in 
the future - based on the great early work of the Al Jazeera CC portal: (copied in to this email is Bilal from Al Jazeera and 
Brian from CC.Qatar). One of the specific questions that they asked me was 
about why does Wikipedia use screenshots from those videos rather that using 
their still images from flickr directly. The reason is, as we know, was that 
the Al Jazeera photostream on Flickr was licensed as cc-by-ND. 

So... It is now my pleasure to pass on a message from Bilal:

Hi Liam - I've updated our Flickr account and all images are now available 
under the CC share-alike option. 

EXCELLENT! :-) Everyone, have a look at some of the gorgeous photos available 
here: they cover topics 
from Hajj to the Gaza War, and many different countries involved in the "Arab 
Spring". Not only are these beautiful pictures with great provenance they are 
also extremely encyclopedic and impossible to replace. They are all taken by Al 
Jazeera journalists in the field. Furthermore, this is an amazingly fast 
turnaround time for changing a large institution's copyright policy :-)

Let's start getting these across to Wikimedia Commons in the Category "files 
from Al Jazeera" and start 
integrating them into various WP articles!

Is there someone who can dedicate a bot to sucking these across to Flickr 
straight away? 
Perhaps we can also create a nice "partnership template" too?

Peace, love & metadata

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