There are few announcements from Hyderabad.

1. We are planning for a Wikipedia Academy, open to all on Dec 23, 2011
Details can be had from here :
This will emphasize on contribution to English Wikipedia
and also encourage other institutions around Andhra Pradesh to take
up Wikipedia academies at their places.

2. Also we have book fairs at
Hyderabad<http://hyderabadbookfair.com/?p=504>(from December 1 to 11)
and at Vijayawada (from January 1 to 11).
At Hyderabad book fair <http://hyderabadbookfair.com/?p=504>, etelugu stall
can be availed to promote Telugu Wikipedia. I request the volunteers who
are interested to join.
And also, we can call for a small session over stage at Vijayawada book
fair, if not a full fledged stall.
The main focus at both these places is to encourage people to contribute
to Wikipedia
as well as other potential projects such as Wikisource, Wiktionary, etc
that may help Telugu language gain its erstwhile glory.

3. I request members to come up with a proposal/suggestion for a permanent
venue and day of month for our monthly meet-ups.

Rahimanuddin Shaik
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